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Our Tanning Beds

Bronzing Beds

Once you’ve built up your base tan, use UVA rays to bronze the melanin. You’ve built up a substantial amount of melanin, and now it is time to use it to achieve the bronze tan you’ve longed for. The UVA rays help emit pigment (color) out of the melanin you’ve generated. 

Builder Beds

UVB rays are known as the building rays. This specific type of short wave ray builds melanin in your skin. Melanin is what produces the natural base tan and color in humans. In short, the more melanin you have, the tanner you can become after developing a strong base tan. This base tan protects your skin from burning when you’re outside under the hot summer sun.

The best tans take time!

Stand up

Some tanners insist they get better, more even, all-over tans in a booth. High-intensity lamps tan from every angle at equal strength throughout the session, stand-up tanning removes pressure points, and since tanners can stand holding the overhead rails, tanning booths eliminate problems with white sides and underarms.

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